Jinenkan Jissen Kobudo

自然舘 "Hall of Nature" comes from several traditional martial arts practiced by Japanese Samurai.

The Jinenkan was founded by Fumio Manaka (martial name "Unsui") in 1996. The purpose of the organization is to allow students to study the martial arts of old Japan freely and unhindered under his guidance. Unsui has 50 years of experience in the Japanese arts of Kobudo (old martial ways).

In Jinenkan Jissen Kobudo, one can study patterns from the traditional martial arts schools:

The Jinenkan offers instruction in Taijutsu (unarmed fighting skills), Bikenjutsu (sword arts), Yari (spear), Naginata (halberd), Tessen (iron fan), Jutte (truncheon), Kusari-fundo (weighted chain), Tantojutsu (knife), Bo, Hanbo, Jo (staff arts), and more.

The Jinenkan has training halls located across the United States, as well as in Europe and Japan. Instructors are at least of the rank of Sandan (3rd degree) and are certified by the Honbu to teach.

Jinenkan Budokun

1. Sustain your presence of mind ... Wrath and impatience cloud your vision, and deprive you of your natural movement.

2. Avoid overconfidence in yourself ... You will be unable to adapt properly to circumstances.

3. Accept the whole universe without protest ... In this way, you will not fall into the opponent's strategies.

4. Have no stagnation in your technique ... In this way, you will not be taken advantage of by the opponent.

5. Bring out the "flavor" of the technique ... At such times, you will be able to move at your best.

Practice proper basics repeatedly and you will be able to always have natural movement.

By Jinenkan Kancho Manaka Unsui

Jinenkan Sei Wa Dojo

The Sei Wa Dōjō is located in Kuopio, Finland and is run by Dōjō-chō Sami Lijavirta. Sami is a certified Jinenkan Dōjō-chō. He has been a student of the Jinenkan since 2006 and has studied with Unsui Sensei and many of the Jinenkan Dōjō-chō, besides attending many of the Jinenkan seminars through-out the years.

About Training

Our regular training sessions are developed in a way that you can join us anytime as it pleases you.

You must be a minimum of 15 years old in order to study at the Sei Wa Dojo. Exceptions to the minimum age limit may be granted depending on situation.

To start with, for training clothing you need a jogging or sporting pants and a T-shirt.

Ask more for details about training times and locations. Contact